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2013-14 Panini Dominion


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Each Box contains One Rookie Autograph Patch, One Autograph Memorabilia Card, and at least Two other Memorabilia or Autograph Cards!!

2013-14 Dominion is revamped with more rookies than ever before!

Look for Autograph Rookie Patches from the 2013-14 Dual Rookie Class! Featuring the new Frozen Moments and Ice Level Autograph Acetate Booklet cards!

Look for Autographed Ensign cards containing NHL Logo Shields, all numbered to 1!

Find all your favorite Dominion cards like Peerless Patches, Engravatures, Tape to Tape and more!

ROOKIE AUTOGRAPH PATCHES: Featuring the top NHL rookies of the star-studded Dual Rookie Class. Each card contains an autograph patch rookie sequentially numbered to 299 or less.

DOMINION SNAPS: Look for a variety of memorabilia cards including Jerseys, Patches, Fight Straps, Laundry Tags, Snaps and more.

PEERLESS PATCHES: Each pack contains at least one autograph memorabilia card including the return of the Peerless Patch Autographs.

SILVER ENSIGNS: Silver Ensigns and Rookie Ensigns feature autographed NHL Shields, each card is individually numbered to one!

ENGRAVATURES 2013 CHAMPIONS: Two new Engravatures sets featuring 2012-13 Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks along with more NHL champions!

ICE LEVEL AUTOGRAPHS: Ice Level Autographs features a unique look at the top young stars from the Rookie Showcase. Each Acetate Booklet card contains an autograph and memorabilia piece, numbered to 50 or less.



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